Men, Women And The Importance Of Individuality

Hello and welcome to my site, this will be my first article. What is given below is an article based (with some minor changes) on a YouTube comment I wrote in response to Paul Elam’s excellent video: “So, You Really Want To Compete With Men”. The response resonated with a lot of people and is worth reflecting on at a time in history where we seem to have completely lost perspective on the duality between the sexes and become lost in identity politics and forgotten the value in being an individual. 

Men and women have co-evolved to develop different but complementary biological roles in the continuation of the genome. The male role is based contributing to the survival of the species and the female role is based on contributing to the reproduction of the species. The division of biological function is a recurring pattern seen in complex life and greatly enhances the ability of a species to adapt to the environment and make efficient use of the resources in that environment. This is a key reason for why we have multicellular life. The sexual division of the reproduction and survival imperative, combined with the social organisaton in our species, is one of the greatest contributors to our success as a species.

The different biological roles of men and women have produced different sets of traits, abilities and strengths in the two sexes. But the interesting thing about this pattern is it has emerged through co-evolution between the sexes. The differences between the sexes are causally linked together through sexual selection and natural selective forces. They also are expressed and develop in direct proportion and in relation to each other, thanks to sexual selection, Fishers principle and the fundamental requirements of sexual reproduction in our species of requiring at least one male and one female to produce one child.

It does not make sense to measure men and women by the same yardstick and come out with the conclusion one sex is biologically superior to other, for these reasons. Men and women are measured biologically by different yardsticks. Yardsticks that have co-evolved together in direct proportion with each other, into different but related measures of biological value. It is somewhat like measuring a tiger against a whale and saying one is superior to other. The two animals evolved in completely different evolutionary contexts, with different selective forces acting on them. We used to recognise this reality in our culture. We used to recognise that men and women both had a different but equally valuable contribution to the species. We saw the ridiculousness in the man vs woman paradigm. We do not expect tigers to breathe and swim under water and whales to chase prey on land, so why are we expecting it would be any different with women operating in the male role?

The yardsticks themselves are by no mean’s monolithic either, the reproductive and survival imperative can be fulfilled by employing a variety of abilities and strategies by each sex and this is aided by our large brains and ability to communicate through language and record information and pass on past knowledge. The environment can also vary the types of abilities and strategies employed. Consequently the social dominance hierarchies of each sex, particularly for the male sex are multiple in number. There are multiple alpha’s to some degree for each sex because we actually have multiple hierarchies for each sex. This combined with the cooperation within our species, particularly among males (and there is research to show women select for cooperativeness and altruism in men), has enabled civilisation to form and thrive.

With that all said, the value of a human life goes far beyond simple biological value. The true value of human life for me at least, lies in the unique consciousness, personality and physical form of every individual. Your mental and physical fingerprint is distinctive. It is our uniqueness as individuals that gives us value, because we are all irreplaceable. It is the source of human love. It is why we miss our relatives and partners when they are gone. All of their individuality is what we cherish about our loved ones. There will never be another Stephen Hawking again, there will never be another me again or another Paul Elam or you again. That is how we must define our own self-worth if society is to continue existing and not self-destruct. We have to stop confusing external standards of value that are required to run civilisation (like money), with our own intrinsic value or self-worth. One standard of value is merely a tool to organise society by and the other defines the meaning of our life.

We have to celebrate and realise the irreplaceable value of our own individuality. That is why arts, sports, intellectual pursuits and creativity is so critical to our society. The music, painting, writing, acting, sports, discoveries, theories, inventions and creativity of human beings, is an expression of our own individuality. It is not money that makes us whole, it is being able to express our individuality and sharing it with others. That is why the left are invading the arts, sports and STEM fields etc. They want to crush individuality and make it all about group identity. The recent Star Wars movies are merely one example of many I can name. When a woman earns a Nobel Prize we should be talking about the individual, not about the fact she is a woman and vice versa.

Western civilisation reached it’s current greatness due intellectual enlightenment and the renaissance. During and since that period of time we have celebrated and valued individuality, we have enshrined individual rights into law and the arts, sciences, sports and engineering have exploded with achievements and major developments as a result. It is through valuing individuality and the intrinsic unique value of each individual, that society has flourished. We have accomplished more as a species in the last 400 years, than the previous 180,000 because of this very fact. Cultures that value individuality and integrate that into the outputs of society, will always triumph over cultures that do not.

This is why identity politics, feminism etc are so destructive. Primitive tribalism will do nothing except to destroy Western civilisation and bring on a new dark age. These ideologies that foster group identity, rob people of their intrinsic self-worth and replace it with someone else’s idea of what they think is their value as human beings. You are valued by someone else’s approximation of how well you measure up to their view of group identity. If you are female you are valued by feminists on how well you measure up to their version of the ideal female, screw your individuality. Is it any wonder then that women are reporting they are more miserable and less happy than decades ago? Once that system of control by identity politics is in place and in people’s minds, like a drug addict and a drug dealer, you can condition them to obey you to obtain self-worth, like a dog getting treats. This is perhaps why the left is so vicious, they are like rabid dogs looking to obtain self-worth from their ideological masters, by competing with each other on who can virtue signal the loudest and the best and be recognised as resembling the ideal person of their group.

The only way this will stop, is by training men and women to consider themselves as individuals, encouraging a strong sense of individual self-determination and self-direction and contrasting it with the miserable lives of those that subscribe to group identity, to show everyone the benefits of being an individual. Men going their own way (MGTOW) is playing a key role in that process for men and boys and liberating men from living by someone else’s view of what their value is as a man. Your value as a man, a boy, a woman or a girl, comes from your unique expression of human consciousness and individuality etc, it does not come from an artificial ideological construct on the left or the right side of the political spectrum.

Know thyself and be yourself.

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